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We are Galanzo S.A Online store The Modern Way to Trade we are level one BBBEE online market place we are located in the heart of KwaZulu Natal Durban 4000.
Convenient online shopping experience S.A online shopping. We are Offering African Tailor made fashion, gifts, latest accessories, gadgets, stylish product, modern technology, home appliances, baby care to many more personal care. Our commitment to help workplace & protect hard working class is the office décor with daily office kits, durable Protective wear, tools just to name a few.
Galanzo S.A Online store is a registered South African online store, as a South African based Virtual/online shopping Centre we envision to be S.A preferred online marketplace hence of our convenience to you, delivering the merits of the 4th industrial revolution closer to the generation of today within a blink of an eye.
Galanzo Pty Ltd is a South African online store offering these awesome products at a movement of your fingertips. We are South African based online store S.A businesses are Welcome to journey the Modern Way to Trade.
www.Galanzo.co.za The Modern Way to Trade

After successfully making payment using your order number as reference, we are going to send a confirmation that we are now processing your order via e-mail and cellphone no. provided by you.
We advise you to mind the Delivery Time (D.T) so you will not miss your order some items are same day delivery depending on you location.
We are going to send a confirmation that your order is on its way to you.
You will be able to track you parcel once dispatched from our warehouse.
You cannot cancel your order after we have confirm processed, and or on the delivery day(s).

Galanzo S.A Online Store we value the budgets of our customers that is why choose to display prices in clear decimals, under product pictures.
We only charge a standard rate of R70 per delivery for a 0-5kg item,
This fee is only for a first time purchase, and non-registered customer making a purchase at Galanzo S.A Online Store.
For as little as R100 you can use storage solution to keep your purchased product. We charge you for double delivery in the case of uncollected item.
For items stored at your local storage solution will be charged according to the service provider if you opt for options beside our partners.
Galanzo S.A Online Store will notify you of any additional charge that may occur.
For imported product we don’t charge our customers any custom duties we are registered with relevant structure to take care of all the fussy details while we getting you the right item.

Free Delivery only applies to loyal customers and other bulk purchases.
First time purchase under R1001 does not guarantee a free delivery.
A loyal customer has a registered account, make purchases using their details; You can only track item when you are using our courier, you can choose your own delivery option.
You can choose to send item(s) to two different locations, ensure you can confirm your account identity at all time. You can call the delivery person or choose them to call you.

We love our customers at Galanzo S.A Online Store we make sure we take care of you. Twice every month we give away awesome prices, gifts and coupons. Loyal customers spending as little as R1 100 can enjoy 20% off their next purchase at the 28th – 31st of the following month
Loyal customers spending R1 600 in the following month they can enjoy 30% purchase every from 20th – 28th of the following month.
Loyal customers spending R2 000 from the 16th - 26th of the following month they can enjoy 40% off their purchase from selected items.

Certainly you are welcome to, a short window is available within which we can accommodate updates to your order details. Our dedicated customer care is here to guide you through this process. Kindly reach out to us via email at customercare@galanzo.co.za and include either your order number or the email address utilized during checkout. We're here to assist you promptly.

As part of our standard procedure, our courier partners are committed to giving you a courtesy call prior to delivery to ensure your availability. However, should your order arrive at a time when you are unavailable, it will be rescheduled for delivery once we receive your confirmation.
Our dependable delivery partner will make contact with you to arrange a suitable delivery time. We do make a maximum of three attempts to successfully deliver your order to the specified shipping address. If, regrettably, these attempts prove unsuccessful, the order will be returned to our warehouse. Subsequently, our dedicated Customer Care Team will reach out to you to better understand the situation and work collaboratively to find a
suitable resolution. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Feel free to get in touch with us promptly via our contacts WhatsApp
0657022084 or sending an email to Returns@galanzo.co.za
For expeditious assistance, kindly include the following details:
- Your order number
 The email address used for the order
 Clearly indicate the nature of the error
Attach a video or picture illustrating the damage or any missing parts
Upon verification of the damage, we will promptly dispatch a complimentary replacement, hassle-free! Your satisfaction is our priority.

Orders processing timeframe spans 1-3 days from the date of your purchase. Following successful processing, your delivery duration will primarily hinge on the shipment's origin. If shipped from a local fulfillment center (i.e. KZN South of Durban), you can typically expect delivery within 3-5 days. Other products are facilitated at an international warehouse so they can take 7-15 days to reach your door, we keep you informed of all the details of your order.

However, in cases where a product is experiencing high demand or is temporarily out of stock, fulfillment may be facilitated from our international center, which could extend the delivery period to approximately 7-15 working days. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, should your order not reach you within 25 working days from the date of shipment, we offer you the option to request a refund with no questions asked.
Feel free to reach out to us promptly through our Whatsapp 065 7022 084 Support@galanzo.co.za
To expedite the process, kindly include the following details:
 Your order number
 The email address used for the order
 Any discount code received
In case the provided code is valid, we

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