ModernTech Carb 3 Car FM Modulator

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Galanzo Online Store offers your vehicle a Carb 3 Car FM Modulator

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Galanzo Online Store offers your vehicle a Carb 3 Car FM Modulator. The Bluetooth car MP3 player features a built in FM transmitter MP3 decoding and stereo Bluetooth wireless transmission chip. It can play the audio or songs from the TF cards USB flash drives and your phone through your car stereo With no need to modify your car you can enjoy music while you are driving and have hands free calls. It ensures entertainment and safety at the same time. 1 Play songs in MP3 audio format 2 Built in FM stereo wireless audio transmission a total of 206 frequency points 3 Automatic play function Insert the car s cigarette lighter interface to automatically play the song 4 A variety of EQ sound modes natural, rock, pop, jazz soft, heavy and bass surround sound 5 Support USB flash drive TF card 6 with power off memory function can play songs played when the power is off 7 A USB port with a charging function the output current is 2 1A 8 The call has echo cancellation and noise reduction processing CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK.

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