Neoprene Sweat Belt Waist Trainer

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Stimulate Fat Burn Lose of Weight, this waist trainer belt shapewear is constructed with Flex boning technology to work like a corset or waist cincher with adjustable velcro. The abs belly fat burning waist trimmer belt targets right at your midsection makes you sweat during fitness workout and stimulates faster abdomen fat burning.

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Neoprene Sweat Belt Waist Trainer Firm Control Waist Training slimming waist trainer belt. Belly band body shaper wraps easily around your tummy tuck like a snatcher or waist cincher eraser and provides adjustable firm compression around your abdomen and stomach. It gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work daily outfit workout fitness or sauna Stimulate. Post Pregnancy Body Shaper Great garment for women looking for shaping their body after giving birth Excellent choice as a postpartum belly wrap because it provides firm support to your waist and flattens your tummy with an easily adjustable waist trimmer band Tummy Tuck Back Support Our best waist trimmer belt is very stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support on your sides and back. If you have lower back issues our waist trainers like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support help relieve pain and improve posture Reduces Risk of Injury Keep your muscles warm Improve Posture Stabilize Spine Provides Support that Helps Prevent a Herniated Disc Lumber Muscle Strain Back Pain Comfortable Adjustable Stretchy Fabrics 100 latex free


2 Extra Large-36 / Black & Red, Extra Large-34 / Black & Red, Large-32 / Black & Red, Medium-30 / Black & Red, Small-28 / Black & Red


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