Retro Manual Coffee Hand Crank Grinder

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Specifications: Four-corner base brown, four-corner base black, lettering
Style: elegant
Retro design, can be used for small decorations at home, stable cast iron body, the body is not easy to shake when grinding beans.
A huge roulette wheel in retro style. It is more convenient to use the side handle, and it is more labor-saving when grinding, and the grinding speed is fast and easy.
Adjustable thickness, free micro-control, the finer the downward adjustment, the thicker the upward adjustment, and the adjustment is convenient. The precision cast iron dust-proof bowl cover retains the aroma and prevents jumping beans.
The drawer pull-out design, even wood, is carefully crafted to retain the aroma of coffee powder.
The ceramic grinding core is sharper, can grind out very fine powder, is not hot, and has a long use time.
Package: Grinding machine x1


D.T 7-15 days


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Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 138 × 127 × 278 cm



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