Square Car Charger 5V9V12V Smart

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Product information :

Material: pure PC flame retardant material

Input voltage: 220 (V)

Output voltage: 5 (V)

Output current: 3000 (mA)

Working temperature: 30-40 (℃)

Output interface: 6USB

Applicable charging range: car power bank tablet computer

Product size: 3.8*3.8*7.4cm

Model: 360-6-port fast-charging car charger black [OPP bag], 360-6-port fast-charging car charger white [OPP bag], 360-6-port fast-charging car charger black [with small white box], 360-6 ports Fast charging car charger white [with small white box], 360-6-port fast charging car charger black [with inner tray exquisite packaging], 360-6 fast charging car charger white [with inner tray exquisite packaging]


D.T 30 days

Galanzo Online Shop

The Modern Way to Trade 

Packing list:

Car charger *1

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 200 cm

2pcs Black, 2pcs White, Black, Set, White


Mzansi Online Store, The Modern Way to Trade, OPP bag, With inner tray, Comes with a small white box


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