Smart USB Cup Heater Thermostatic Heating coaster

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Temperature Adjustment Heating Coaster Heater Pad For Tea Coffee Milk Gift Set
Shell material: Other
Power supply mode: USB Control method L touch
Rated power: 12
Automatic power off not supported
Whether plugged in: plugged in
Power cord: USB
Model: Constant temperature coaster
Color: green coaster, pink coaster, white coaster, green suit, pink suit, white suit
Packing list Stand-alone version: heating coaster ᅲ 1, USB power cord ᅲ 1
Set version: heating coaster ᅲ 1, USB power cord ᅲ cup with lid ᅲ 1, spoon ᅲ 1, gift box packaging


D.T 30 days

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 140 × 110 × 25 cm


Electrical outlet



Coaster, Suit


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