How To Sell Products On Our Website

Quick guide how to make sales online while you enjoy your day.

Did You Know?

Galanzo Online Store is the modern way to trade.

Our Footprint is to reach every door step of the country through excellent online shopping experience.

Selling on Galanzo Online Store the modest way to trade is an opportunity for your product to showcase it stance at an online market place, 
growing market.

Our focus is to build and deliver a customer centric online shopping centre.

We understand our game so we stick on our lane to deliver the daily needs of South African`s citizens,

We believe in transparency our promise to you is to be forever secured, modern source of South African Brands.
We offer our services at a flat rate from as little as R300pm
Our priority is to expose  brand to South Africa`s online market, as we are on the mission to build a secure S.A online mall a convenient  opportunity for your brand to showcase at a nation level.

Galanzo SA online store is an official Modern way to trade where buyers satisfy their needs, where brand meets it


How to become a seller on Galanzo.co.za

Visit our official website.

On your internet connected device, visit our official website at www.galanzo.co.za

Sales and Merchant

On the top right of you screen, hover over the menu tab >>> and click on the "Sales And Merchant " tab.

Find the form

Navigate to where it says "FILL FORM". All the options marked with a * are important and mandatory for your application to be considered, fill in and press submit.

Application process

After submitting, we will take 5 business days to process your application. Once your application has been approved you will receive a communication via E-mail, you will then begin the registration of a seller account.


The more we gain control over our inventory we gain control over our revenue, the most common barrier of an enterprise is the input control and price negotiations.

The most important aspect of every business. Constructive communication with the supply of raw material is the most important process business need to maintain in order to survive. Our speciality is help businesses achieve customer value and control over the cost of their input

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